Sunday, 13 May 2012

A First(y) Thought of The Day.

Hey, good morning how are you?

Fine thanks. Say, would you like to sit down, put your feet up take it easy - it is Sunday after all.

Well I don't mind if I do.

What's on your mind?

Ah! You're segueing into the Sunday Special Thought of the Day – that has to have a bracket in the title and which some how fits in with the theme-of-the-month which is “A First” – aren’t you?

I am.

Cool. Is this where I say it?

It is, but try to make it look spontaneous.

Oh, ok. Well, funny you should ask what’s on my mind because I’m THIRSTY.

Can I get you a drink?

That would be nice.

What would you like?

I don’t know, what’s the choice?

Dandelion and Burdock – ok, that’s the photo covered, or a glass of Rioja?



I beg your pardon?

Prosecco. It’s a drink, Italian, Secco means dry and Pro means, er, er slurp I think.


Or a cup of tea?

Can I think about it?


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