Saturday 12 May 2012

A First, Second, Third.

I REALLY like this title, especially now that we are in the middle of “A First” month here at Bitsnbobs – the blog with middle.

I think it has  - completeness.

Unfortunately I don’t know what to write – it’s just a title, hanging in the void of word.

Obviously I need three things; a race comes to mind or maybe a lesson that I was very slow to learn.

Hang on, that could be it!


No, it took me four times and I’m still not sure I’ve learnt.

So perhaps it has to be a race.

A little while ago there was an interview in the newspaper with John Carlos who featured in a pretty sensational first, second, third in 1968.

Fuck, I was 13 – I remember it though, because the shock and inspiration broke into my suburban front room in southeast London.

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