Thursday 3 May 2012

A First Things First.

So……A First first things first.

This is how it works here at Bitsnbobs – the blog with works.

We get an idea.

We ignore it.

The idea this time comes out of the blue whilst I’m starving myself in the middle of April.

The idea goes like this – god I’m hungry, why did I give up so many good things for Lent, damm, it could have been different, April, April First what a great opportunity, - I could do a month long series of posts on the theme of “Firsts”, but I can’t because now it’s mid April and I’m starving. God I’m so STUPID!

Then I get drunk, but I didn’t because it’s lent and I gave up alcohol.

So I can’t sleep.

So I think.

I think about This, I think about That and I think about That A LOT and it drives me NUTS and so I try to think about something else and I search around in my pathetic brain for a corner where there isn’t something with That in it and eventually, about 4.33 a.m. I find the ignored stupid idea and to distract myself I get a bit of paper and see if I can come up with enough ideas to fill a month if I say I’m going to do something.

I hate saying I will and then won’t.

Then I sleep.

Then I stick the paper some where out of sight and forget anything happened.

Then I decide I need to hide my emotions a bit on the blog and that a series might just be the camoflage I need and therefore the stupid idea becomes the great idea and I start.

Then I panic.

I’m committed now.

The idea looks stupid again – probably because it was.

It will be really boring and repetitive – the first time I did this, the first time I did that blah blah blah.

Can I mess it around a bit, be a bit creative.?

Well, that punctuation was…

But …. probably not, but I get the list out again and look.

Can’t remember where I put it, panic.

Find a different list about something else, think – that’s interesting, scan it and think I could post a picture of that?

Find the list once I’ve given up looking.

Think – that’s weird, must try “not” more often.

Think- that’s REALLY stupid, you are INSANE.

Scribble some new ideas in a different colour, ring some that might have potential.

Conclude – probably not.

Realise – hmm – I will need some occasional fillers.

Write one.

Think – phew.

Read a comment from Mary saying that the little music gems are really nice and think – dam does she expect this series to have one of them every day too?

Decide to ignore her.


Mary said...

FIRST thing I do when I get into work:

Read BnB's - the blog with great music - and enjoy some little 'almost' forgotten tune or discover some new, never heard of Artist.

Today's -- Otis -- love him, love him, love him. Miss him.


Note to the staff writers of BnB's: Themes are interesting. Lists can be tyrannical. Rules are to be broken. No pressure, no worries. Life is to be enjoyed. Photography is a gift. BnB's is great! xox

popps said...

Well thank you Mary.

A note from (overworked) the staff writers...

Hitler was Tyrannical, but ...... lists?
A good list will get you through a bad day better than

Mary said...

Dance? My pleasure. Two-step, Grapevine?

My lists which are task driven are tyrannical -- they never get shorter. Self-imposed I guess. Looking forward to a life where I can create different kind of lists -- favourite movies, songs, books, people, moments ...


popps said...

What is grapevine?!!

Mary said...

Grapevine! A old dance move that is used in almost every dance genre, I think. Basic steps: you cross your left foot behind your right foot moving to the right, then cross right foot behind your left foot moving to the left. It's like a figure-8. Kinda fun.