Wednesday 2 May 2012

A First of May.

Yesterday was May First – International whatsit day!


The Second of the Firsts!!!

What am I talking about?

Margaret Thatcher clearly!!!

Did you know that she hated us soooo much, that she banned May 1st???!?

Well.. not the day itself of course, but the idea that it should be a public holiday in Britain.

Dirty Socialist idea you see.

Now historically it may be that I’ve got this wrong, maybe she only floated the idea, something the present Conservative “coalition” in Britain have resurfaced, planning to do away with the May bank holiday, which is on whatever Monday happens to be near the beginning of May, and moving it to October.

So as a (fairly futile) act of defiance just to spite her/them I am doing nothing today – except writing this.

And I figured – hey, what a great idea (?), let’s do a Month of Firsts here on Bitsnbobs (the Blog that thinks of it first, or at least thinks about it AND does it).

Starting with yesterday – May 1st– we will have a series of post all about firsts.

There are only three such days that could inspire such a series – Jan 1st, April 1st and today, so since I didn’t think of it in January or April (well, actually I did in April but I was too late AND too Lenten) – here we go.

Have I said enough about International (except in Britain) Labour Day?



Mary said...

Another great find -- Amanda Shires -- just beautiful!

You are making my day with these little gems.


popps said...

Good, good i'm doing SOMETHING right at least!

Anne Hodgson said...

I had forgotten about that. What a witch she was. May Day is Celtic, or Roman, or Cromagnon, isn't it? There's no stopping a good holiday.

popps said...

Like i said in the post Anne, i could be wrong. If you follow the link i left the guy seems to know what he's talking about.
Mind you she was still a witch.
And not very white at that.