Wednesday, 9 May 2012

A First Recap.

Ok…… to recap.

Bitsnbobs – the blog that wears a cap – has started, for the month of May, a themed series with the nifty title – A First.

In this mini-series-within-the-blog – Bitsnbobs (the blog with layers), each post will have something pretty vaguely to do with the idea of A First.

So far we have had, in descending order back to the beginning;

A First Love
A First Time Among Cacti
(A First) Thought of The Day.
A First Depression.
A First Things First.

Not bad eh?

I mean, pretty eclectic wot?

Furthermore, a word that rarely gets used here on Bitsnbobs – the blog with limited vocabulary (ideas/punctuation/finance) – each and every post has featured (mainly or secondarily) a musical gem that may (or may not) have a tenuous link with the content of the post (if only in my mind).

As is usual with Bitsnbobs (the Blog that uses, if not abuses, brackets) there has been some controversy – someone asked “where is she?” about the promised female photographer in “A First time Among Cacti” whereas I had thought the song posted in the following “A First Love” pretty much explained all that needed to be explained.

If that still isn’t clear this post, from the published (as opposed to unpublished archives) should crystal things a little more.

There has also been the first review of the aforementioned series.

It says, and I quote, that the series so far has been; Melancholy. Sad songs. Walks down Memory Lane. And no sex?”

Hmm, I can probably live with most of that.

The reviewer went on to say; “It's going to be OK - I think.”

Ok, not exactly 4 stars but – hey, a review is a review!!

More importantly - I think –is that the series so far has used only two of the titles listed at the pre-publishing-brainstorming-session held in a secret location known only to me but published for all to see in “A First Things First”.

And I think we have only had two fillers so far.

Ok, you are up to date, so here is a little ditty.

It was a contender for ditty to accompany “A First Time Among Cacti” and incidentally will feature in the third question (a musical one) in the Bitsnbobs Quiz of The Year 2012 that will be unveiled sometime in the distant future.

Bye for now.

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