Thursday, 10 May 2012

A First Croissant This Week.

One of the (many) great failings here on Bitsnbobs – the blog with cracks just below the surface – is our failure to establish which day constitutes the beginning of the week.

Let us address this issue right now (I have nothing better to do)!

Some folk would say that it should be a Friday as the blog began life on that day, and though that might be neat, conventional wisdom in some quarters deems Sunday to be the start.

However for the editorial staff here at Bitsnbobs Sunday is definitely seen as the end of the week – hence are Thought of The Day series which replaced the Sunday Digest way back in the days when Sunday was dead-time time.

So Monday it is.

Which is good, because I had a croissant on Sunday and I don’t want to talk about that one.

Though it was good and got dipped in a little glass cup of coffee.

Now, if you go to Toulouse you probably won’t go to Place de la Légion; you probably won’t even notice it as it is hidden behind bus stops and tower blocks and was apparently designed specifically to channel a fierce northerly wind right through you.

So you usually keep on walking.

Which is a shame as yesterday morning as rush hour traffic still rushed, half of the square was lit by the early sun and those brave enough to deal with the wind were sitting enjoying the calm within the city storm and we could have shared a moment together.

From the centre of the square we could have watched the traffic hurry past on four sides but the tower blocks cushion the sound and the fumes and we would have been in an unexpected oasis of peace.

We would have watched the other pilgrims arrive at the bakers at the foot of the central tower.

And I would have bought you a croissant – it’s the best one in Toulouse.

But I was alone.

Maybe the wind drove you away?

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