Saturday 14 April 2012

Virgin on the ridiculous.

May one speak of such things?

Probably not…..

So I shall…..

Despite last year’s leaves occasionally clinging to their posts, winter is in retreat.

The spring, led by early morning bird song, reduces the tender frost to a sparkling memory.

And I am certain of two things – that the cuckoo will soon reach our woods, and that my daughter will loose her virginity this summer.

Nature’s progress, be it the birth of new beginnings, or the blossoming of womanhood will not pander to an old man’s wish to freeze time at this moment of change.

The young girl who needs me enough to hold my hand gone, the independent woman who no longer kisses me, waving farewell from someone else’s window.

Rejoice whilst mourning…..

Happy and sad……

Young and old………

Life and death.


Anonymous said...

Not gone always there but like sleeping beauty slumbering believe me I'm 50 something (actually I really am not sure what) and I am still a Daddy's Girl oh and a Tops girl too xxxx

popps said...

A Tops girl!!!!!