Sunday 15 April 2012

A Th(ought) of the Day.

Er, excuse me, I have a question.

Come in, sit down, how can I help?

Wow, nice office, I didn’t know you had one.

It’s new. Would you like a coffee?

No thanks, I’m still not drinking it, I gave it up for Lent you know.

I DO know, you went on about it for days.


Forty-six I believe.


So, how can I help?

Well, I’d like an office for a start.

Sorry sunshine, you only get an office if you are full time, not if you only do a Sunday Special called Thought of The Day.

That’s not fair.



Whatever, it’s the rules.

Anyway, that’s what I want to talk to you about.


No, Sunday’s Thought of The Day.

What about it?

Can we think it on ANY day as long as we PUBLISH it on Sunday, or do the thinking and the publishing have to concur?

Concur? Is that the write word?

It’s the one you’ve written, I don’t know if it’s the RIGHT one!

Why do you ask?

Because I want to go to Spain and I might be in late.

Well it “ought” to be thought at the proper moment and the proper moment for a Sunday Thought of the Day is clearly Sunday but…..


Exceptionally, if you want to think it now we could and pre-publish it.


But remember it’s not what “ought” to be.

Ok, then maybe we could call it Th(ought) of The Day to remind us, and at the same time preserve this year’s innovation that the title each Sunday will feature a bracket?


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