Sunday 22 April 2012

Thought of the Day (week)

So, what are you thinking about today?


Yes, it’s Sunday – thought of the day time, our readers await!


I beg your pardon!

B O doubleL O C K S.

Well, I think you are out of order here.

No, you misunderstand, it’s what I’m thinking about.

Your testicles?

No stupid, the rain! I’ve been thinking about it All WEEK!

Wet is it?


I thought you lived in the South of France.

Southern deluge; the worst kind; Biblical proportion; need Moses.


Didn’t he part the Red Sea?

Ummm, maybe, there is some debate.

I need him; I can’t see the path anymore.

Religious path?

Garden path! Covered in ocean, need help to get to the car, if it’s not been washed away! Look!

Wednesday looks good.

It does!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

did it rain on wednesday?