Monday 23 April 2012

The Widi-Widi.

Do you remember Mrs Penny?

She who runs the archives?

In the old fisherman’s hut?

I told you about her here.

Well, I was talking to her only yesterday and she handed me this (look above).

It’s a page taken from something called the anti-colouring book, an exceptionally good colouring-in book that is published, probably, for children, and which, because I like it almost as much as I do commas, both my children possess because I gave them one each when they were children.

They are young adults now.

So when Mrs penny handed me the book I was pretty excited, being as I hadn’t looked in it since my children stopped being children.

Which happens, by the way, sooner than you think.

Anyway… I’m off to look for the widi-widi.

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Anonymous said...

an enigma....miss penny?