Thursday 12 April 2012

New Voices (b)

Only yesterday Bitsnbobs - the blog with yesterdays- published the latest in an ongoing yet occasional series, entitled Lists (sometimes), in which the beginnings of messages that have accumulated in the text archives of my mobile phone are set out in list form (hence the occasional title of this occasional series). Except it wasn't the latest latest. This one is. By careful analysis of these lists, archeologists from the far distant future that dig up the server where this blog is stored will be able to understand what makes me tick. I, in my old age - if i get there - will look back and cry at the beauty of it all. You poor reader will suffer, i hope, this fool. Hi tops we are bl….. Same. Glass of ri…. Stuffed vine lea…. What kind of ill?x In the deli. Watc… You can call me n… Told her. She smi.. Got me bach. X Been on phone. I… Are you working… Wow! Your brav… Ooh my god so c… Sorry im being a … Yes you r! Feel sick. Bluebel.. Smiled at the mo.. part five of an occasional series part four here.

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