Tuesday 3 April 2012


This will be the last pancake photo you will see on this blog for a loooong time.

Lent (finishes) today.

Bitsnbobs’ religious observation of non-writing for forty days, whilst adding one single word daily, will be done and dusted.



Mary said...

If today is the end of Lent, what do we do with the next 5 days?

Will the Sunday supplement deficit be corrected?

Or will you spend the next few days gathering daffodils, colouring Easter eggs, stocking up on chocolate?

Or, in a sudden overwhelming attack of religious fervour, will you attend Good Friday services to participate in the stations of the cross re-enactment of that most horrific tale of sacrifice and redemption?

Are you religious? Raised as a Catholic [as was I] it is hard not to be -- so many 'holy' days and rituals punctuate the year. Hard to shake the things you are taught or participate in when you are a child. [There's a warning in that, I think.]

For me -

Hail Mary, full of grace!

has evolved into

Hey Mary, full of Graceland.

Enjoy this version of Paul Simon's hommage to a very different house of worship on YouTube:


"And I see that losing love
Is like a window in your heart
Everybody sees you're blown apart
Everybody feels the wind blow
In Graceland, in Graceland
I'm going to Graceland
For reasons I cannot explain
There's some part of me wants to see Graceland

And I may be obliged to defend
Every love, every ending
Or maybe there's no obligations now
Maybe I've a reason to believe
In Graceland"

And enjoy Spring - full of renewal and new beginnings.


PS -- Apologies for the rambling but am a bit of a sleepy-head today.

popps said...

So many questions, so many nice words, where to start?
Bitsnbobs had a forty day Lent (pre-published) as a sort of giving up writing every day exercise (break) plus a one-word-extra a day writing exercise.
There was an explanatory sunday supplement added on to this the other day which means this "False lent" ends today and Bitsnbobs either goes live tomorrow or never appears ever again.
Me however has to suffer no chocolate, no alcohol, no coffee for these extra days until whatever moment (from at least saturday) the urge to end the madness becomes too much.
I would like it to be something special.
Am i religious?
Didn't i answer that in the last forty days somewhere?
Then again didn't i say on Sunday there would be two more pancakes?
maybe nobody reads this stuff?
Can you accept confessions and forgive?
Just a query?
Friday? Church?
Then sleeping.

Mary said...

Intriguing question -- "Can you accept confessions and forgive?"

I suppose one has no choice but to do so or be mired in resentment and bitterness. For me, it's the only way to move forward.

Giving up coffee, alcohol, and chocolate -- not easy. Three cheers for you and here's to BnB's 'live' return tomorrow!

Spring - has come just in time - to save us all.

Anonymous said...

A pancake!!!!! I thought it was a picture of a cake - I'm devestated!

popps said...

Are you serious?!!
You obviously DID NOT read this..