Wednesday 4 April 2012

A False Lent. (one)

It hasn’t rained here for a long time, forty days and forty nights or thereabouts.

A False Lent finished and the rain came, soft at first and I lay listening to it from sleep.

Then I woke.

I put a jumper over my pyjamas and stepped outside; the earth moaned with pleasure as fresh life seeped into her and I wandered among the falling droplets.

Sometimes the rain carries the smell of the sea; maybe just a memory of where it once was and where it will one day return.

I hope I do too.

The rain can invigorate you, it can depress you, it is a bit like love.

Then it is just rain.



I went back inside.


DaveESLetc said...

Welcome back!

I'm no great expert on lent, but I did once try to fast for 10 days. I made it until about 11 AM. Of the first day.

One day, though...

popps said...

Hi Dave, thanks for dropping in.
I reckon a ten day fast is pretty ambitious, Lent is just giving something up.
I managed a four day fast but only one day was a day of nothing - the first day was a lead in of just brown rice, the second was fruit only, the third nothing, the fourth fruit only which lasted to 6pm when i went and bought a pizza all to myself.
The first food after a fast tastes REALLY good!

Anonymous said...

I have just tried to bake joe his fourth birthday cake all of them failed so I felt I had to eat them all then Catherine came over with a very successful carrot cake with no nuts and I had to eat that and then it was different Joe's brother Toni's Bithday and he made a very rich chocolate cake and... I am giving up cake till next Lent but I still have two days of intensive cake eating to get through.

popps said...

I don't know, but FOUR birthday cakes for one son!?
Is there not a risk that you will spoil him?