Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Branch Manager.

Well that’s that!

Easter done and dusted, Lent behind us and chocolate ( I gave it up for Lent ) in front of us (me).

And the lent-long writing exercise here at Bitsnjogs (the blog with exercise), wherein we added one word a day whilst taking a break (explained here), is over for at least another year.

And what controversy!

Some wrote in to say that I needed a break that the blog had been looking tired!

Others wrote in accusing me of being catholic!

And even more wrote in to say “get on with it”!

Ok, maybe it was the same person but hey – what other blog would even DARE to post the same photo 40 times in succession?!!

What other blog would have the audacity to give you abstinence for forty days and forty nights?!

Eh? Eh? And again eh?

Of course you may well think that now all that is over that the blog should burst back with energy, motivation and dynamic content.

Surely the bubbling creative spirit, straining at the leash as it was, should amaze with wit wisdom and wonder.

Surely the photo content should surpass whatever standard it had set itself before?!

Well… there’s a photo of a fish.

And, and, there was a nice story about…

Ok, ok, ok !

Nobody’s perfect!

If you don’t like it then complain to the BRAnch manager!

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