Sunday 12 February 2012

A Thought of the Day/Year(n).

Do you really think anything that we said last week made sense?

What do you mean?

I mean – was it clear?

Probably not, though it was clear that you were yearning.

That’s not what I meant, I meant the brackets.

Probably not.

Shall we do something about that?


So what I wanted to say was that I’ve noticed that this year our “Thoughts of The Day” – the unique conversational style post that appears here every Sunday and which sometimes throws up a thought or two – has changed it’s heading.

It has, you are right.

I know, we have replaced the numbered headings of last year with (bracketed) ones of this year – i.e. every heading gets a bracket in there somewhere.

That’s right, though you should probably say I (me) not We.

I know – but why?

Because I did it on my own.

No i mean why have we, er, you, changed it?

It’s an innovation.


Yes, I know it’s a sad reflection on what little excitement daily life offers but it’s something.

Speak for yourself sunshine; I’m having a ball.

I thought you were yearning.

True, but can still have a ball whilst you’re yearning.

No you can’t.


You know what?


We need a nifty way to get a bracket into this now.


Because we are going to make that the theme of the headings throughout the year.


Which is, by the way, a leap year.


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