Saturday 21 January 2012

Life's a beach?

Middle of January winter and it’s raining.

The day looks grey; tomorrow looks grey – what’s the point eh?



Mary said...

We had that kind of snow last night that is light and twinkles - more fairy dust than snow really.

Made a wish.

Is that hopeful?


Anonymous said...

all washed up?

popps said...

Mary, that is an EXTREMELY powerful wish!

popps said...


Anne Hodgson said...

The Africans and Souteast Asians in my course have been looking forward to their first snow, and none on the horizon, anywhere. Yesterday there was a wet dusting, at least, it stuck to a few branches, and they were so grateful. Come on, ye weather gods, a little effort.

popps said...

For snow?
Too late!
Bring me sunshine!!