Monday 9 January 2012

Geek Self-Pressure


I’m well chuffed.

Pathetic though it may be, anal even, I’m chuffed.

But look, I told you before that I’m a counter, and I told you that my intention on this blog in 2011 was to write a post for every day so there you have it.

When I look at the blog archive it gives me a thrill to see 31,28,31,30,31,30,31,31,30,31,30,31!

Did I tell you that I was once a train spotter? I used to stand at the end of the platform at St Pancras and copy numbers into a notebook for neat underlining in the Trainspotter book later that evening.

Now I just stand at the end of the platform and take pictures (above) – see the progress I have made!

Still I have been spotted, recently, in geek shops!

Does that mean I’ve turned into a geek!?

Or does it mean I’ve always been one?!


None of this really matters though – what really matters, is what does the blog do now?

One year of daily posts, never failing, wobbly sometimes, a filler here or there but relentless and now?

Do we carry on?

Take a break?

Have a few gaps?

Is it a leap year, so we can go for one more?

But then the year after?


Geek self-pressure strikes again!!!


Anonymous said...

im trying to be clever with the da vinci coded numbers?????????? but just cant get it, maybe just random counting?

Anonymous said...

o ive just got it!the last days.
silly me, thought it was more complicated but i do tend to make things harder for myself.
no da vinci code...or is there?

Mary said...

Chris -- sent a comment about ten minutes ago. Not showing. I hate to post it twice - makes me look a bit twitty.


popps said...

Yep no secret code here, well there, because some times there maybe, it was just the number of post each month last year on the blog.

popps said...

I got it in my email Mary, i don't know why it's not here but i've watched the video, had a chuckle and a smile, worried when i have only been ok, thought i must try harder, realised that's a typical reaction on my part so watched the video again and smiled again.
Hay, maybe you are a geekess?

Mary said...

Major Geekess! How'd you guess?

Re 'ok' comment -- when you look out onto a gorgeous green field and here and there you see punches of brilliant colour -- it does not diminish the lushness and beauty of the green but the colour does stand out. I've written a couple of hundred newsletters in the past few years and god knows I gave each one of them my time and attention -- but -- every once in a while I hit on something that for whatever reason stood out. Who know why? Sometimes it just comes together. Perhaps the Muses lend a hand.

Don't be so hard on yourself.



Vicki said...

What were you looking at in the geek shops?

popps said...

Not fair Vicki!
Not fair!
Ok, but it's not fair degeeking the geek!

Anonymous said...

Well I still don't get it - numbers?? Will look for off side 50p xxx

popps said...

january. 31 days, 31 posts on the blog.
Feb. 28 days, 28 posts on the blog.
March. 31 days, 31 posts on the blog.
etc etc

popps said...

p.s. thanks