Sunday 1 January 2012

A Christmas advent (32) a thought of the new year.

That’s it then isn’t it?
That’s what?

The end of all that.
Or the beginning of all this, it depends on your perspective.

But it says number 32, that’s definitely the end of 31 isn’t it?
Well, I’m not sure that having a 32nd post in a 31 part Christmas advent series counts as a surprise, especially as I said there would be a “plus one” some time ago, but…..

It’s number 32!!!!!

And I can’t think of a better way of saying this.
I can't either, so here it is.



Mary said...

Happy New Year Chris! How was the Hill?

Still boring old 2011 here in Toronto. Have you tired of 012 yet?:-)

Spending the Eve on my own. My son is with his friends in Niagara Falls bringing in the new year with an assortment of hip-hop entertainment with the mighty Falls at their backs.

Thanks for the wonderful December of winter/Christmas musical offerings.

Thoughtfully approached. It should become an annual tradition. As you said -- so many songs were left out.

Hope 2012 is a great year for you, the family and BnB!


popps said...

The hill was damp but brilliant!
Lanterns floating up into the night and a great exciting view of the city below.
Explosions in the night sky.
You should have come!
I wish you all the bits and bobs, big and small, some of which are dreams that will make 2012 perfect.