Saturday 31 December 2011

A Christmas advent (31)

I'm sorry if this makes you cry.....

On New Year’s Eve 2010 I went round to my friend Martin’s for an evening of curry and games.

Ok, not everyone’s cup of tea for celebrating the end and beginning of so much, but that’s because you have never tasted his curry.

Nor seen his selection of games.

I have always found myself a bit apart on New Years Eve; I’m not great in crowds and I never kiss complete strangers; strangers maybe, but complete ones never!

After our joint victory in the third game of Complicity Martin stood up and reached for a DVD that was sitting on top of the TV.

“I got this for a Christmas present and I thought you might be interested”, he explained as he slipped the disc into the player.

I pride myself for knowing a fair bit about comedy; it was my career for a while and I have an archive of some of the weirdest and most obscure moments from the last 100 or so years.

But Tim Minchin had slipped under my radar.

I know, I should have known all about him and maybe you all do.

If you don’t this should be a treat.

In my book this is the best Christmas song I know.

I think Martin intended us to watch just a few minutes – we sat through the whole show.

If someone can make me laugh and make me cry within 3 minutes I think they are brilliant.

Ok I’m a sentimentalist, a hopeless romantic and tonight I will be sitting alone on Primrose Hill in London watching fireworks scare the demons of the past away, clearing the tomorrow for us all.

I will have an open bottle of red wine and a couple of glasses.

If you are passing…………


Janet Bianchini said...

Wishing you all the very best from Abruzzo for a fantastic New Year! May "Bits and Bobs" blog go from strength to strength in 2012 :-))))

Vicki said...

And a happy new year from me too! Loved this one. I didn't know this guy either and I have just spent a happy hour chuckling at his other videos on youtube.

popps said...

A happy New year to you both, may it be fun, wild, mysterious and merry.
I'm off to the hill!

Anne Hodgson said...

Minchin is absolutely brilliant, very subversive in how he lulls you and then pricks you with some totally off-the-wall scene. You've heard his "Confessions" - right??


Anne Hodgson said...

PS and thank you for this which I did not know!!