Sunday 4 December 2011

A Christmas advent (4) (thought of the day 44)

Hey – what’s going on?

What do you mean – what’s going on?

What IS wrong with you – I mean, “what is going on?” How clear is that?

Well obviously not clear enough mate. Do you mean “what is going on in Palestine?’ or “What is going on in Paris, Texas?”

What IS going on in Paris, Texas?

The film or the town?

Why are you asking me?

Because you asked me!

I don’t understand you – Paris the town?





I don’t know.

You don’t know?

No, it’s all very confusing. Some of the finest minds have tried to sort it out, I think they are waiting for a saviour.

Ah – that’s it. That’s exactly it – what is going on here?


Yes. Here, here! Here on Thought of The Day, the special bit of bitsnbobs – the blog with .. er.. two bits I guess….

You mean the video?

I do.

You could have said.

I just did.

True, but we could have saved megapixels of space or something.


Or digital, doobies – whatever these words are made up of.

I don’t think it’s megapixels.

What do you know?

Obviously NOTHING!! That’s why I started with – “what’s going on here?”

Ah, but you didn’t you see. You said, “what’s going on ?”. There was no “here”.

And the here was important?

And the now.

Look mate, cut to the chase – what is going on with the videos, here, now, on Thought of The day on Bitsnbobs?

It’s a special.

A special?

A special.

It already Is a special – it’s my Thought of The day!

OUR Thought of the Day – remember?

Oh yes. Sorry. So what have you done with it?



It was THEM.




He who is, the one, the creator and all knowing.

Ah – exactly - the saviour!



Yes, better – I don’t think he/it/she is cut out for The Palestine Problem.


No, silly, it’s a he in this case.


You?............... Anyway, what’s the problem?

The video.

Oh yes, it’s a special, a Bitsnbobs (the blog with special) special.


Advent, approach to Christmas, musical etc etc etc . It’s all explained here.

Ah, hang on…… ok… got it. So what do we do with the film reviews we usually do here?

Have you been to the movies recently?


Ok, don’t mention it – let’s instead introduce Sundayness to the musical special.


Yes you were talking about the, or a, Saviour – and today would be the first Sunday of advent if we were religious and I’m a bit old fashioned and I think there should be a bit of mystic in the Christmas mix so we might get a nice thub scene going if we introduce some sundayness.

Thub scene?

Yes, sorry, I meant sub theme – it was a slip of the thumb I was hoping you wouldn’t draw attention to it.

Ok, I won’t.

Thank you.

You’re welcome – yes.


Yes – let’s do it – let’s introduce a thub scene.

You said you wouldn’t.

Wouldn’t what?

Mention Thub scene.

I didn’t – you did. Twice now!

Go away!

Thub scene, thub scene, thub scene, thub scene, thub scene...

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