Friday 30 December 2011

A Christmas advent (30)

What is Christmas all about, and has the Bitsnbobs (the blog which poses questions) Musical Christmas Advent reflected it?

Ok, I think the hippopotamus was maybe out on a limb - although it did reflect the “all-i-want-for-christmas is…..” cliché.

Secret wishes one can only send to Santa?

Expectation has to be part of the mix surely?

Who hasn’t woken up in the small hours just tooooooooo excited to sleep?

I have!

And I think we have covered expectation – we are saving the best song to (almost)last after all.

Reflection, meditation even?

Yep – it should be in there somewhere, and we’ve tried.

A journey!

Has to be.

Ok, it needn’t be with three wise men and some camels but can Christmas really begin without someone going on a journey?

Did we cover it – we did!


You bet – the bestest thing! There should be a surprise every day in my book.

Who knows what today will bring?

Not me – but boy am I excited!

I hope you’ve been surprised by some of this selection.

I have!

For the religious there needs to be a miraculous birth – will this do?

For the heathens a good drink – here you go!


Christmas needs snow – not enough to mess up that journey, not unless your camel has winter tyres – but enough to make the world look good enough to eat.

Here’s the Bitsnbobs snow.

What’s missing?

How about a fine romance?!


Vicki said...

Oh great clip from a great movie - and what wonderful lyrics. It prompted me to check and I just learnt they were written by Dorothy Fields. Well I never!

popps said...

Well i never, i left out all the links that were meant to be in this post!
i've added them now.