Monday 26 December 2011

A Christmas advent (26)

Ok, she made it!

Extensive lobbying played a part, but to be honest I have listened to it ever since Mary suggested that it should be part of this now-almost-legendary-Bitsnbosb(the blog with spelling mistakes)-musical-Christmas-Advent-December-special-Plus-One.

What a mouthful!

And it’s goooooood!

What a voice!

And some people are not going to feel great today.

Christmas can be sad, can be happy.

We can laugh, we can cry.

It’s a time of death – Charlie Chaplin chose Christmas Day 1977.

But it’s also a time of birth.

Happy birthday you that I don’t know.


Mary said...

Thanks Chris -- stirs hope in my weary heart.

Hope you're enjoying a good Christmas in London.


popps said...

I made a big mistake!
i went to the sales!