Sunday 25 December 2011

A Christmas advent (25) ( thought of the day 47)

Happy christmas - and sorry folks, yesterday there was an error and the wrong song was published. this has now been sorted. - the Editor

Have you been thinking?

What do you think?

I think so.

I have; all year – EVERY Sunday! I know it says Thought of The Day number 46 but I’ve been here every week, I explained the discrepancy here.

No, I meant have you been thinking about today, last week we said that we would.

I have – and you know what?


Happy Christmas!

You too sunshine, it’s a pleasure to work with you.

Ditto, though you can be a bit obstreperous at times.

Look at you, pot calling the kettle, I’d say.

Anyway, good will to all men and all, women too, let’s cut to the chase.

Aye, what do you think?

Well, I’m hesitating.

I knew you would.


Well, do you have trouble making up your mind?

Well, yes and know; it depends.



Oui….. So, why the hesitation?

Well, as you know, we’ve been selected to do this Sunday edition of the Bitsnbobs- musical-Christmas-Advent-Special-series-that-doesn’t-finish-until-the-the-end-of-the-month-and-might-have-a-surprise-even-then-up-its-sleeve.

Selected? We’re the only ones here – everyone else is on holiday!


And.. the hesitation?

Well, do we go with the best Christmas song ever written and blow the Sundayness effect that we are meant to be safe guarding (see here), or do we go with the Sundayness that we have rigorously defended through the last three Sundays and leave ourselves with a dilemma as to when to place the best ever Christmas song ?

Hmm, tricky – integrity or beauty.

It will them cry.

It’s ok to cry at Christmas, joy and tears go together, besides – it shows you are alive, that you feel, that you care.

But is it ok to abandon integrity. Is this not Bitsnbobs – the blog with grit?

It is not!

Well then!

Ok, as long as it has the word Christmas and not hippopotamus in it!

No problem!

And a smile, maybe a laugh and it would be nice if it mentioned Santa Claus, in a Sundayness context of course.

Have faith!


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