Tuesday 20 December 2011

A Christmas advent (20)

A lot of things happened at the weekend – I cleaned the fridge, bought some spinach and went for a run.

And the weather changed.

On Friday night the wind attacked, by Saturday morning the trees were naked and on Sunday night the temperature dropped below zero.

The night was clear and a billion stars burst on the scene, the southern sky dominated by an Orion as clear as I have ever seen.

Mid winter is nigh.

Also I tore up my list.

Ever since the end of November - though to be honest the first list was sketched out in January – I have been scribbling and crossing out, adding in and subtracting.

The Bitsnbobs 2011 Christmas Advent – a daily unfolding musical attempt to replace a box of chocolates (from the Blog that doesn’t just eat the stuff but dreams about it too) has finally found its identity.

And its dents!

The editorial-staff have decided that there is no place for Slade, no place for Lennon and, as we write, even Bing himself is under threat.

No, the aforementioned Bitsnbobs musical Christmas advent has to be good old eclectic.

And although yesterday’s offering – the third in a three-parter - may or may not have been eclectic it was certainly old.

1978 no less.

Ok there is older to come, but I thought I should try to suggest that we are not just looking into the past here at Bitsnbobs (the blog with a past).

So today’s offering is up to date – as about up to date as Bitsnbobs (the blog with dates) is likely to get.

Released on the 27th November this year you might just have heard it here first.

Unless of course, like me you listened to Bob Harris at the weekend.

So out with the old, in with the new.

In with the cold and out with the blue(sky).


Anonymous said...

o my how beautiful!!!!

Mary said...

An instant classic!

How did you find it?

Thank you.

Thank you.

This is special. My favourite so far.


popps said...

You have to read the post, it clearly tells you!
Bob Harris show Radio 2(BBC).
Available on all good internets.
Can you say that?
ps good morning.
pps snow?

Mary said...

Of course, Bob Harris. Who else would discover such a song?

I tuned into his program before. He's got that VOICE!

Didn't make the connection.

Snow -- not yet -- and of course, every one in Toronto has gone into a "it's going to be a GREEN Christmas" funk. Such idiots. When it does come it will be measured in feet with blinding white-outs and no end of freezing cold and havoc.

As for me -- I've got a lot going on right now, so I could stand a Green Xmas followed by immediate Spring-like conditions.

Just hoping.


Mary said...

Here's another Xmas tune that I have been enjoying this year:


They are, not surprisingly coming from me, Canadian.

Do you know it?


popps said...

Well i do now!!!
And here's a link to Bob "The Voice" Harris.

popps said...


Terry Birchall said...

Hi Popps, thank you for finding me Jane Taylor.
Beautiful, even though I only heard it first in February I still feel chills from it!

popps said...

Hi Terry - welcome too - it is beautiful, and there is more, have a look at You tube.
Now the big question - how did you find me?