Friday 16 December 2011

A Christmas advent (16)

You know what, i thought it would be cold by now.

When i started this Christmas Musical Advent - back here - i figured that somewhere along the line temperatures would drop to freezing, soft white flakes would appear in the sky and the world would turn white.

So when i started planning these posts, oh yes there's a plan - well, here and there - i thought i could do a section about it being less than mild.

So i've been revising - screwing up lists, scribbling new ones and thinking.

And you know what?

We need this.


Anonymous said...

happy sounds!!!
was he with them then?
i met the guy from them, he played key boards, now lives in italy, still playing music
he likes italy and the drink.

we played van at our wedding

popps said...

WAS he with THEM then?!!!!!!!!!

popps said...

Ah.... i see what yo mean, wiki has him leaving in 1966 and the video says 1970.


popps said...

Now you've gone and confused me!
Why did you mention Them?
Seems that this is from a bootleg album
read all about it here

Anonymous said...

sorry,now im confused
just thought he was with them then but not the right time

do you like the track enlightenment

one hand clapping, chopping wood

its lovely

i just like van, has lots of memories
brown eyed girl

sorry confusing you

popps said...

Every second, every minute.

Anonymous said...

you do know it