Thursday 15 December 2011

A Christmas advent (15)

If you have just dropped in then I should explain:

This is Bitsnbobs (the blog that explains)

This is the Christmas advent musical special that actually goes right through to the end of the month, so is more of a December special really, but it might still have a surprise (small) up its sleeve.

This is day 15, each day you can open the blog, get a little musical Christmassy ditty, have a dance, sing along or laugh.

This is using Youtube but this is trying to avoid files that are heavy with advertising (which is why sometimes there are no visuals.

But this is meant to be musical.


This is Joni.


Mary said...

I saw Joni, Dylan and The Band in 1975 (or 76) in Toronto while at university.

Joni's album 'Blue' is one of the best of all time, I think, and the song 'River' is heartbreaking perfection.

Thanks Chris.


popps said...

Agree , but Mary you are showing your age here!!
But they don't make songs like this today eh?