Friday 4 November 2011

A wife, a hammock and a dog.

At the weekend I sent an e-mail to my ex-wife; we haven’t communicated in any form during the last sixteen years or so, before that very rarely and although I don’t think there remains any animosity between us I suspect that my e-mail surprised her.

I labelled it “out-of-the–blue” to acknowledge that I was aware that this might be so, and then after a quick “hello it’s me” I went on to outline the purpose of this sudden reappearance.

In fact the “hello it’s me” was VERY quick as I really didn’t know what to say to help her place me – so I settled for “your ex ex”; I knew there had been at least one other who didn’t stay the course after me, and I thought that the double “ex” had a nice “even those days are gone” ring about it.

Talking of rings, another friend called me the other night and told me that HER ex – an ex that had dumped her unceremoniously and left her pretty much in the shit – had been in contact because he wanted to recommend that she get the same telephone as him.

And she had thought this normal enough to get the telephone.

I thought this was weird.

I told her so.

I even suggested that British telecom could recommend just as many telephones without any hidden agendas and that she should disconnect immediately.

But I was a tad drunk at the time, so she ignored me.

My ex- wife ignored me too, which is a real shame, as I needed to know which edition of The Peoples Guide to Mexico we had bought together thirty-seven years ago.

I needed the information because I wanted to tell you about a dog I met whilst I was running on Monday.

I wanted to check the source of a reference to hammocks and to do that I was considering bidding for a copy of the fourth edition of the People’s Guide To Mexico that I had found on E-Bay.

I guess I could have made it all up – but I like to instil a sense of integrity here on Bitsnbobs.

I figured that she may still have the copy on her bookshelves, the only thing I had ever known her to throw away was me (I) - and I was hoping she would have a quick look and email me back.

She didn’t.

She probably thought I was being as creepy as I thought telephone-guy was.

More about the dog and the hammock another day


Anne Hodgson said...

Beautiful pictures! They're almost gone, but aren't they gorgeous. Already looking forward to spring Remember this ditty?

popps said...

It's not a ditty that i know, though i do now!
Yep the autumn is beautiful, i hope the winter is short.