Saturday 5 November 2011

The (promised) Dog.

I run – told you this before.

At the top of the track I usually turn left; the other day I turned right.

Ok, ok…. In fact I FORKED right, but what is important here is that I set off for pastures new.

Which, inevitably lead me to a choice between doing what I normally do, but the other way round (anti clockwise), or turning right by the old windmill.

I turned right.

This meant that I met a new dog.

Which barked - they always do.

Which ran to the wall and looked threatening – they always do.

Which jumped over the wall and headed straight for me – they don’t always do.

Excuse my grammar.

Now I pride myself that Bisnbobs (the blog that you are reading) is at the forefront of giving helpful advice. Just the other day we had “how to survive a chickpea attack”, four years ago I offered “how to survive an earthquake” and today it’s what to do about that dog.

And this will be the best “what to do if a mean and nasty dog comes running at you” advice you will ever get.

And it works.

Honest – I have tried it in Mexico (the original source of this piece of advice was the People’s Guide To Mexico, fourth edition), Peru, Spain, London, Australia and France.

Stop, I know it seems daft, and bend down as if you are picking up a rock, and then raise your arm as if you intend to throw it.

It doesn’t matter if there is or isn’t a rock, the dog senses something on an instinctive level, handed down gene to gene from Stone age times and will turn, whimper and disappear with tail between leg.

Leaving you free to puff off into the distance.

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