Sunday 20 November 2011

Thought of The Day 42

It’s incredible!

It is.



In Gaillac of all places!

Yes….. er ……what are we talking about?

Les Intouchables!


Les Intouchables!

Are you ill?


Because for a moment I thought you were coughing; what did you say?

Les Intouchables.

Ah! The film, Les Intouchables?

That’s what I’ve been saying isn’t it?

You mean we’re ready for one of those Bitsnbobs Sunday only dialogues where you and me, who could be me and you have a natter about a film and try and mention Mary somewhere along the line?

I am! And it’s incredible, the cinema was sold out last Saturday, I got turned away! I couldn’t get a ticket; it’s amazing!

How can we talk about it then?

Well, we can say stuff like “incredible, amazing, Gaillac” etc but don’t ye worry!





Is it a Pirate film then?


Why shouldn’t me/ye worry then?

I went back on Sunday!

Ah good.

And it was sold out!

Ah, bad.

No, I bought a ticket Saturday evening so I got a seat!

Did you have to fight?

I got there half an hour early and the cinema was full! France has gone mad for this film!

So how did you get a seat?

The front row was empty.

Ah, you like the front row don’t you?

I do! I hate having heads in between me and the screen.

Wasn’t it too close?

I’m short sighted.


That’s the third time you have said “Ah”

Yeah, at school they taught me the Three Rs.

Actually that’s the fifth time you have said “Ah” this morning, I just checked. You know, Mary will pull us up on that.

But it would spoil the joke.

Yes but Mary is a stickler for these sort of things.

A tickler?

She maybe, I don’t know.

Nor do i.

It may be fun finding out.

Whatever, let’s move on to the film.

Difficult if you are one of the main characters, he was in a wheel chair.

One of the main characters? How many were there?


Was the other one in a wheelchair?

No, he gets hired to look after the guy who is, a sort of live-in help.

You’re not selling this film to me very well at the moment.

No? It was great.


The relationship between the two men, one wealthy and privileged yet in a wheelchair and therefore dependent, and the other poor and disadvantaged yet free.


Ah….. one of my favourite stories, I saw a production once………


Sorry, drifting… where were we?


Ah, yes, green satin/silk……..


Ooops, sorry – yes, good film.

That’s it?

What do you want a review to say? Tell you the story?

No I hate that; I want to see the story for myself. Tell me something insightful.

It’s based on a true story. Er… the acting is good.

Carry on.

It’s funny.



Yeah – we haven’t really hit the “insightful” button yet have we?

It’s a love story.


Two love stories.


Yep - a main one and a secondary one.

Two love stories for the price of one ticket?

Yep, It’s incredible!


Sold out!

In Gaillac!!

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