Sunday 9 October 2011

Thought of The Day 36

Oh my god! You look awful! What happened?

Nothing, i'm fine.

No - you look terrible, what happened?!

I'm fine i tell you, let's move on.

Whenever you say that i know it's not true - tell me what happened?

I'M FINE. F..I...N...E!

Horse pooh - what happened?

I got hit by a huge reality truck.

Moving house?


Were you moving house?

What are you talking about?

The reality truck.

No you’re thinking of the realtor truck, this was the REALITY truck, and a fucking huge one if you’ll excuse my French.

That was French?

You know what I mean.

But look at you, - you’re covered in, er, er, in, er…

Shit, you can say it.


Ha! Don’t make me laugh.

You look as though you NEED to be made – look at you, covered in, er.

I told you – shit. It happens.

Are you sure it’s not burnt sienna?

Burnt sienna?

Burnt sienna.

Burnt Sienna is brown!

No it isn't - It's Burnt Sienna.





Look mate it's brown! Burnt Sienna is brown - i looked it up on Wikipedia! And this is shit - it's BROWN!!

I thought it was named after that place it Italy – Siena?

It is.

The place with the horse race – El Palio?

Yep - you see, it's black and white - horse pooh, – BROWN!


Anonymous said...

Burnt sienna, more orangey , warm, romantic , a good mixer, i personally like it with prussian ble......interesting shadex

popps said...

Ah! Prussian Blue!
Now THAT'S a colour!!

Anonymous said...

cadium orange, naples yellow,
alizeron red spelling may be wrong
cobalt blue, a world full of more than red and blues etcx

popps said...

Naples yellow - i would like to bathe in it.

Anonymous said...

INDIGO COBOLT just saying im still here x no vermilion address book x missing you xxxxxx

popps said...

Not even under the sofa?

Greg Rudzinski said...

And if you happen to get trapped in an old cowboy movie then burnt siena is nothing more than a shade of grey. Or if trapped in a Jonathan Swift novel then just use your imagination and watch your step.

popps said...

Hi Greg, thanks for popping back - i have no idea what you made of THIS post - which is part of a series of ongoing rants i have with myself each Sunday.
However, being as you are a mariner, i think, you can probably contribute some serious insight into ocean colours.