Saturday 8 October 2011

Spanish Attainables

I’m a very competitive guy.

But I try not to show it.

I can come over all quiche and sandals but at heart I’m out to beat the next man hollow.

Unless it is clear that they are going to win, in which case I don’t bother.

Only fight if you are going to win is what I say – if not, go for the quiche.

I learnt this at school in a squash game against another school.

I was my school’s number one (apparently) and therefore I had to play their school’s number one.

It became apparent in the warm up that I was way out of my depth – this guy could hit the ball with both power and finesse.

At best i could manage could manage po or fin.

And only one at any given moment.

Competitive people want it all, we are not happy with the cake – we want to scoff it too.

Anyway this guy was wearing a headband – which I thought was pretty unnecessary – being as my hair was longer – so knowing that I would not win the game I decided my goal was to make the headband fall off.

Competitive people need attainables.

I might have invented that noun; I didn’t want to repeat goals.

Why am I telling you this?

Good question.

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popps said...

Treasure hunt wise you are in the wrong place for clue number 2. Keep looking!