Friday 7 October 2011

Religious Tickles.

the following appeared in some early editions yesterday

A Praying Mantis tickled me yesterday.

It happened thus – the plants looked thirsty, I thought -you need water, I reached for the watering can and stopped.

The Praying Mantis was sitting on the handle.

I’m not scared of Praying Manti, Mantises, Mantissi….these things, but they spook me a bit; I think they know more than I do.

But my young struggling maple bush really needed a drink so I took the handle by an extreme end and carefully held it under flowing tap.

The water supply where I live is gentle, so I took the time to contemplate the early October rose that is open.

And that is when she/he/it tickled my hand.

It wasn’t a touch, neither a feel, but a calculated tickle.

The Mantis had stretched forward two articulated limbs and was independently activating them in much the same way I would use the two fingers on my right hand.

I have MORE than two fingers on my right hand by the way, but If I find my self in tickling mode it is the index and middle that I would employ.

In fact I haven’t being in tickling mode much of late……

Mental note to self – if I get a chance I should.

Maybe that’s what the Mantis thought.


Anonymous said...

beautiful but the female eats the males head off when she has had her dirty way with him!x

popps said...

That's outrageous!
Then again..
What a way to go!