Friday, 21 October 2011

Orange and Lace.

It’s funny sometimes how things pan out.

There I was, looking at the uses of the present perfect with a client who needed help with her English when we decided to practice – have you ever?

Have you ever spoken Japanese?

Yes I have, badly, but yes I have – have you?

She hadn’t.

Her English was not brilliant but she was improving.

She looked at me and said – “have you ever worn a dress?”

I work in an office with several women; I was – until recently - the only male (the loss of this honour has unbalanced me) and I am often impressed by what they wear.

They have such a choice, of colour, material, style and class.

It ain’t fair.


Anne Hodgson said...

(sternly:) You didn't answer the question.

popps said...

I love it when you get angry!:-)