Thursday, 20 October 2011

Another Day

When I have no idea what to write on my blog, and when I am trying to fill the year with consecutive posts, I come and sit in this café.

I order an orange juice, a coffee and a croissant, sit by the window that looks out on the square and hope inspiration will visit and sit alongside me.

There are twelve people in the café, only two sit together and the rest of us are alone.

Maybe this is the human state?

A woman is reading a book, a man has his laptop open, another is counting his change and one is reading the day’s newspaper.

The others?

I can’t see without moving around the room.

Hang on….

Ok – two mobile phones another newspaper and one just sitting with a small coffee looking out of the window.

Hang on, one two…. Me…. That’s nine. One’s missing…..

Ah, he’s leaning on the bar, no phone, no paper, stirring his coffee looking at … me!

Looking at me looking at him!

Now he’s moved to the door and he’s looking out of the door.

Nothing much is happening out there – people waiting for a bus, a man in a very bright red jacket walking a very white dog, some cars, a man holding two baguettes and a statue of someone who looks as if he is throwing a Petanque ball but which is meant to be a gesture of freedom or triumph or something.

The owner of the bar has switched on his sound system, funky soul with the gentle murmur of the couples conversation mixed in, the sounds of someone’s steps on the wooden floor as they leave.

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