Sunday, 4 September 2011

Thought of the Day 31

That Isabelle Rossellini is a beautiful woman isn’t she?

Ah, I see you have been to the cinema.

I have!

And about time if I may say so; these Sunday special Thought of The Days used to be about film and you haven’t mentioned one in a VERY long time.

Well, I am now; so quit your griping.

I gripe not; tell us, what did you see?

A French production called, in French – Trois Fois 20 ans.

That would be 60 then, and Isabelle is 59 I think.

She’s a beautiful woman isn’t she?

And Italian.

I like Italian women.

We know; who else was in the film?

William Hurt and Johanna Lummi.

I thought you said it was a French film?

No I said it was a French Production – the director is French but I don’t think any of the actors were.

So did you see it in French? Italian? English?

It was in English - and their title is Late Bloomers.

So what is it about? Coffee?

Late! Not Latte.

So, nothing to do with coffee then?

No I don’t remember any one drinking coffee …….. Hang on… yes, there was.

So it WAS it about coffee.

No, will you stop it about the grains; there was a scene where one person was making coffee and another was opening a can of Red Bull. It was a symbolic moment.

About caffeine?

Look, all this talk of roasts is beginning to grind – the film was about the two main characters approaching sixty with different feelings; one with over acceptance the other with over denial.

But both needed a drink?


You are approaching sixty aren’t you?

Shut up.

Ah so you identified with the denial and fancied Isabelle?

Shut up.

She is beautiful isn’t she?

She is….. sigh…… and a very good actress – she uses an economy of movement and gesture that carries so much emotion and story it is a joy to watch.

Yep, you fancied her.

She's Italian!

What about William Hurt?

I don't fancy him.

No, i mean - what was he like in the film?

Excellent, isn't he always? He's got a great voice.

Did you laugh?



No, it was more a film of observation - there was a key seen filmed in a disco/party - Isabelle was on the balcony and William down at the bar and they communicate in gesture and signs.

The Italians do that don't they?

It's a bit of a cliche but they do.

Anything else?

Yes, they say - "perche parlare tutto lamore si dice in un bacio?"

You speak Italian!!?

I would like to learn!!

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