Saturday 3 September 2011

Kiss - Off Stage

One of the things that happened “off stage” during August….

… September is a sort of “what was going on off stage month”…..

is that this blog slipped in its 1000th post.

Which should have been a fizzy water moment at least.

The 1000th post was…

Hang on, I have to count…


here it is -

I think you will agree that the significance of the moment was almost, but not quite, lost.

The post received no comments, nor did the first – here – so that’s quite perfect in its circularity.

The post had a theme of travelling through time, which links to the idea of 1000, a bit.

And the photo clearly says “Danger” – and clearly if you do something a thousand times there must be an inherent danger of at least repetitive strain syndrome.

Oh, and there’s a kiss.

I like that.

Though a thousand would have been better.

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