Tuesday 20 September 2011

Off -with his head

Title above? - alluding to the Red queen in alice (looking glass/wonderland/both/can't remember)

Dialogue below? -noises off/campsite/cousins.

“You want boobies, you want boobies”
“No I don’t!”
“You want boobies, you want boobies…”
“No I don’t - it just means more clothes!”

When I first met Leah, in a quayside cafĂ© in Penzance, she was introduced to me as – the other one.

Since I knew everyone else at the table, I shook hands, said hello, took her photo and thereafter, each time I met her on the campsite or at the pub I greeted her with a cheery – “hello other one”.

One day she took me to one side – “Look, my name is Leah.”

It was her birthday but I would be hard pushed to give you her age – 32? 47?

We were standing in a field and a small herd of cows walked past heading away from the farm towards the sea.

“Hey, look, they’re off for a swim.”
She looked at me as if I was stupid, an imbecile.
“No they’re going to be milked – look at the udders.”
I stared back – “which others?”

She turned her back and walked away, leaving me very much alone in the middle of a field looking at grass.

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