Friday 23 September 2011

A Day -OFF

Wake up – seaweed/bacon/flip flops

Get up - make mental note; invent a silent alternative to zips and Velcro, become a millionaire, buy the boat in the harbour, drift away into a blue yonder.

Go to toilet – consider reality.

Check contents of the Help Yourself Shelf.

Lie in grass – stretch.

Run around island – think.

Take a shower – 60 pence for three minutes!

Eat a bowl of museli.

Sit in sun and read.

Say good morning to Tommy.

Tickle Tommy.

Rub Tommy's tum.

Blow on Tommy's nose.

Get bitten by Tommy.

Borrow Maureen’s Kindle and read headlines in Guardian newspaper.

Check contents of Help Yourself Shelf.

Wash up.

Climb rocks.

Go looking for shells.

Climb rocks.

Look for seals.

Cook lunch/eat/wash up/check Help yourself shelf.

Sit in rain and read book.

Go for swim.


Sit on beach and read.


Climb rocks.

Photograph rocks.

Wander around Island.

Buy ice cream at the farm.

Check out Help Yourself Shelf.

Turn on radio.

Cook dinner.

Visit neighbours.


Play games.

Watch sunset.

Photograph sunset.


Look at moon.

Go to bed.



Mary said...

Tried to leave a comment under September 23 post but it didn't take so I left it under September 22, so am referring to the 'Day OFF' post.

[Clear as mud, I'm sure.]


popps said...

Opps Mary i put the wrong picture of the help yourself shelf!

Janet Bianchini said...

Fab photos...and a very interesting "Off the Shelf" series! :-)

Anne Hodgson said...

beautiful :)