Sunday 28 August 2011

Thought of the Day 30 (special edition part 29)

There were a lot of clues in that lot weren't there?

Do you mean in the "where are we going" part of the August special which is an elongated version of the usual Sunday only Thought of The Day part of this blog which started because of something you said here?

Er, yes. But is it really necessary to repeat that every time?

It's for anyone who has missed what has been happening and has just stumbled onto the blog.

Oh..... by the way?


What HAS been happening?

Well, we went on holiday but tried to keep things going here on the blog whilst we were away and YOU had the idea to have this long conversation.

It's exhausting.

I know.

So when we get there -the end of August - can i have a holiday?


Can i have a holiday?

You've had a holiday!

I have?

Yes, that's what August has been all about, all that remains is "where are we?"

We're here.

I know we are now, i mean here did we go?

And i mean, can i have a holiday in September.

No way mate, it'll be man the main sails, weigh anchor and hoist the yard arm.

Can you do that?

No idea captain, i was trying to use the nautical theme that has been driving us forward of late.

But i thought you said that was the last boat, yesterday.

Oooooh are me hearty, time to walk now.

(continued tomorrow)

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