Wednesday 24 August 2011

Thought of the Day 30 (special edition part 25)

Trav’lin, Trav’lin…

We are.

No, you misunderstand – I was singing.

You were?

I was.

You weren’t talking about the theme of this month‘s special edition of Thought of The Day then, which isn’t “of the day” but “of the month”?

I wasn’t, I was singing the old Billie Holiday number.

Which is kind of appropriate don’t you think?


Because this month’s etc etc etc is all about traveling and going on HOLIDAY!

It is?

It is! Look at the pictures!

That reminds me, I recognized yesterday’s.

You did?

I did! It was la Rochelle.

I wonder if Mary did?


She’s been trying to follow us.

Us? Or me!?

Whatever, does it matter?

Does it matter!!!

Well, does it?

It matters to me!

Whatever. Why were you singing?

I’m feeling blue.

You are? Why?

Ends, finishing’s, old friends, NOs.

Blimey, aren’t you being a bit overdramatic?

Am i? Traveling does that to me sometimes, takes me away and when I get back I don’t feel I’m here.

You wish you were there?

I do.

But it’s impossible to return and still be away.

I can dream, can’t i?

What’s the point of dreaming, surely action speak louder than words?

Don’t let your dreams be dreams?

You’re singing again aren’t you?

I am!

Jack Johnson!


How does it go?

“She’s just waiting for the summertime…”

It still is.

“When the weather’s fine.”

It still is.

Then there’s a bit about the low down good for nothing.

The mistake making fool?

Yep, let's skip that bit... But then there’s “Summer came along, and then it was gone.”

It will be.

"And so was she."

Ah! Blue?

Yep."But he followed her."


"Just to let her know that dreams are dreams."

Don’t let them!

(continued tomorrow)


Mary said...

I googled La Rochelle -- it looks very pretty -- I love the way the hotels and shops in you photo are built around the lighthouse.

Jack Johnson's song also says "A short time's a long time when your mind just won't let go." I think this may be at the root of the malaise you're feeling right now. Summers and holidays are always too short but filled with heightened sensation. Whereas winters are always too long and daily life is as they say 'a grind'.

Perhaps you can relive some of your travels in these posts in September? I'd like to hear what was going on 'off-stage' in between the running Godot-like conversation you and HE have been having in August.

Thanks for noticing that I've been travelling with you both all the way. I enjoyed it!

And now -- back to work...


popps said...

I'll do all that Mary, and a bit more.
By the way, the old friend was Mr Lee!

Mary said...

Really? All that and a bit more and Mr. Lee too!

It seemed to me that at some point you travelled to Britain, referred to as 'home but not HOME', as I recall, but then can't be sure and don't want to over-think it as I often do.

Til September then ...

Mx ;-)

popps said...

You'll learn more before that Mary, if you keep reading, la Rochelle IS very pretty, real seaside and Tati stuff, but it was only en route.

Mary said...

Intriguing ...

You are always SO intriguing.

Why is that, I wonder, to myself?

Will keep on reading.