Tuesday 23 August 2011

Thought of the Day 30 (special edition part 24)

Hey - i was thinking about something you said yesterday;

The - "someone"?

No, you are ALWAYS thinking about them, no - i was thinking about the bit you said about how this special edition (August) was beginning to wander both in thought and image, and how we should get it back on track.

Back on the road?

Exactly! Because if you go on holiday you have to go back.


Well, er, it, er, well you have to otherwise it wouldn't be a holiday would it?

Wouldn't it?

No it would be what you do normally, a holiday is a break.


And a lot of travelling.


And we have to get back to the beginning by the end.

What if i'm already back?

Then we have to get to the end before the beginning.

Of September?

Of September!

Er... the end of what?

The end of the travelling that began at the beginning.

Of August?

Of August!

Ok, that's clear, back on the road then!

(continued tomorrow)

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