Friday 12 August 2011

Thought of the Day 30 (special edition part 13)

Venice is wet.

It is.

Spain is hot.

It is.

A Turkish Bath is wet and hot.

A shower too.

No need to go on holiday really, just stay in your bathroom for a week?


What about food?

What about it? One can live on love alone?


(continued tomorrow)


Mary said...

We are being taken -- truly -- for a RIDE! A mind-bending, time-bending joy ride that is happening right now [I think] but was written about one month ago? No, it must have been written in June because the Ziggy Marley concert was on July 12. But then again yesterday you included a photo of Le Tour de France which happened a while back. And this talk of Spain and Venice. Two very different directions -- so maybe there has been more than one trip, perhaps, at least two, or maybe three if you've also decided to make your way to England. Must stop trying to figure it out.

Bewitched, bedazzled, and bewildered is ME.

Mary ;-)

popps said...

I think what i am trying to sugest here Mary is that a lot of travelling has taken place this month - the same journey, to one destination.

Mary said...

Ah Chris, you've been gone a long time. Very nice to hear from you.

Me -- I've been tied to the computer on my desk in my office.

Still, I travelled each kilometre, felt soaked on each rainy day, and tried to navigate the road signs along the way. Hope your journey was a good one.