Tuesday 12 July 2011

An Interlude.

There I was, hanging out in the bar at the Early Morning Conference for People who Haven’t Anything Better to Do – EMCPHABD 2011 – when someone came up and said; “So, what’s with this Blog thing?”

I looked them up and down, mainly down in fact - as they were pretty short; and I noticed that not only were they pretty short but they were also very pretty.

And female!

This is a combination that personally I find quite attractive so I offered them a drink and we sat down at discrete table and discussed blogs, writing, the surrealists and whether there was any chance of a kiss.

It turned out there wasn’t so we discussed other absurd ideas and I soon discovered that not only was she short, and pretty, but also highly intelligent.

Boy was I out of my depth.

Still I pressed on as she seemed interested in this Blog thing and I tried to explain, rambling on about the need to order disorder and stuff like that.

Then, in a flash and somewhat as a shock, I realised that I knew this person.

And they knew me!

And that in fact they were simply toying with me!

So I said – and I was pretty cool here I think – “You remember when I said Why?”

And they said; – “er No.”

And I said; “You’ll remember when you least expect it.”

And they said; “What are you talking about?”

And I said – “This!”(it's a link)

And they said; “Oh!”

And I said; “You said - because it’s Art.”

And they said; “Even if it’s spelt with a capital F?”

EMCPHABD 2011 is like this all the time – hope to see you there soon.

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