Thursday 10 March 2011

Superstitious Mizzles

If you have the same copy of the Collin’s English Dictionary as me and you look up the word “superstition” it will says: - “an irrational belief”.

If you look up the word “superstitious” it explains that such a person is disposed to believe in superstitions”.

So I think we can agree that if you are superstitious you believe in irrational things.

Fair enough.

You have to accept that it is irrational, because if you believe it to be rational it’s not a superstition.

So basically you have to know that the thing you believe in, is not true - if you want to be superstitious.

And if you have the same edition of “music from the original soundtrack and more, Woodstock” as me then you will see that at the start of disc two – this is the Woodstock 40th anniversary 2-disc set of course – there is the Crowd Rain chant.

Ok, this is probably not the greatest moment of rock ‘n roll history committed to vinyl or whatever silvery composite CDs are made of (my own choice for best track appears here), but as a convenient jumping off point for the next instalment of March’s series of can-i-write-something-linked-to-rain-for-the-next-31-days-? Posts it’s quite good.


Because since I started these Mizzling March posts (explained here) it hasn’t rained.

And I reckon that as long as I can keep up the rain-related content, it’s going to stay well sunny.

Call me superstitious if you like, but call me warm a too!


Mary said...

Hasn't stopped raining (sometimes wet snow)here since you began the Mizzles of March.


My bumblebee toothbrush holder has arrived. Only took 10 weeks but it is here -- safe and sound, and much bigger than I expected it to be.

Well worth the time I spent filling out the BnB Quiz.

Have sent a photo of me with the holder separately by email.


Anonymous said...

I love the last 3 posts and feel relieved to know its is raining where you are too - spring is really trying but the north wind do blow x

Anonymous said...

Ah you are 10 I am 11 it rained and was freezy weezy today hopefully tomorrow 12 the sun will shine again - it will be fine again...
quote showboat loving dat man
or for rain ...
You were going on your way now we caught in a storm
I know a place where you and I could be cosy and warm
And it really doesn't matter is the rain should pitter patter or the skies are grey
As far as you and I are concerned its a lovely day xxxxx

popps said...

Hello anonymous, i'm glad you popped in but i think you misunderstood - it's NOT raining here and i'm experimenting with my new found power to keep the skies blue.
Still, i would like to be cosy and warm in that place, where is it?