Friday 11 March 2011

The Buzz from the Far West.

Here is how things work at Bitsnbumps (the blog with the scars to show for it).

I get an idea (latest one explained here) and I start writing. I even make some notes and everything is hunky-dory-flowing-away for another month,

Then I get to the near-middle of things and CRISIS!

Nothing to say!
I look at the notes, none of it makes sense!

Why had I written Rain Kills?

No idea.


Only yesterday I had confessed how I was keeping the rain at bay with these missives (here) and now I’ve left myself wide open to temperate interventions!

And then, and this is how things happens here at Bitsnbibs (the blog that cleans up the mess), Mary sends me an email.

And tells me that it’s raining in Canada, and has been all month.

Ah, so that’s when the rains have gone, good - (for me).

But wait – there’s more!

You may or may not remember that at the beginning of the year, in these very pages, we hosted the Quiz of the Year. (here)

A contentious and snarling beast it turned out to be - but – Mary carried off the grand prize and subsequently a (fantastic) bumblebee toothbrush holder was flapping its way to Canada.

I remember reading one of Bill Bryson’s books – Made in America – which details how language developed in the U.S.A. in relation to the settlers’ original tongues.

Actually I have only read part of it, it’s a heavy going sometimes turgid academic (ish) analysis of drone, drone, drone, and I now keep it in the glove compartment thingy in the car for those moments when I find myself early for a pick up or not late enough.

Glove compartment?

I have never had driving gloves.

In the book, Bill (I like most of his other books) explains that “The Atlantic was an equally exasperating barrier to the spread of news. Rarely did a letter posted in Boston in November reach London before the following spring.”

Those were the days eh?

Not like that today!

Here’s Mary –
Stop The Presses! ONE bumblebee toothbrush holder has arrived. Intact. And a bonus wrapped chocolate. Mailed on 01/02/11 – received 03/10/11. Almost 10 weeks. And they say that the world is moving too quickly. Not so."

10 weeks!


I hope by writing this I have reinforced the Atlantic as a barrier to Atlantic rain, 10 weeks more of blue skies is fine by me.

Mary went on to say – “Thank you Chris! It’s beautiful.”

And she sent me this photo.

She seems so happy with her bumblebee I hope it’s ok to put it here.

And maybe my promise that spring would arrive in Canada with the bee will be true.

It’s been long enough.


Mary said...

BEE happy
BEE hopeful
BEEutiful Spring
BEE here


PS - a solemn thought for the people of Japan and the devastating tsunami that has just washed away an entire city. March has been the month of 'mizzlerable' water:-(

popps said...

good morning Mary, yep - terrible news greets us today.