Thursday, 31 March 2011

Comprehending the desire of the rain!

editor's note - best laid (even if late) plans of mice, men and me didn't work out, please accept this photo as a substitute.

I’m writing this four days earlier, because i have just realised the perfect way to end March’s series of 31 posts which all feature rain in some way.

Or other.

However, it’s not down to me alone.

I’m ready – the battery in my new camera is charged up, I have found the memory card (the cat was sitting on it) and I have clean socks on in case I get run-over.

Now, many of you will have thought of this much earlier than me, some would even say it was obvious.

Some may accuse me of cliché.

Hey! What the hell! If you can’t find good cliché in Bitsnbobs – the blog that doesn’t hesitate- where else are you going to go?



Omens are good……..


Mary said...

It's raining, it's pouring today in T.O.

But not as hard as the tears streaming down my face after watching Keith emotional interpretation of SOTR.

Don't know why it always makes me cry.

Thanks Chris -- 31 -- DONE. Take a deep breath -- tomorrow is April's Fools Day.


popps said...

Yep Mary, an exceptional piece.

Anne Hodgson said...

beautiful picture

popps said...

Thank you anne, i'm having fun with my new camera - in fact through the lens so many things are looking so much better i am thinking, like in The Deep Blue, of not coming back!