Sunday 5 December 2010

The Second Sunday of Advent.

One would hope, would one not, on a blog which tried to blog everyday and where the blogger who blogged on that blog decided not to blog for a whole month, except on subsequent Sundays, that the time thus afforded - the rest of consciousness so to speak – would lead to content of sudden purity and incisiveness?

Unlike that opening paragraph.

Maybe one would hope for more than this, the second - of what will eventually be four in a series - of Sunday only posts that will try to constitute the Bitsnbobs’ Four Sundays of Advent?

You can hope.

I can hope.

We can all hope (for ice cream) – though maybe it’s already too cold now that autumn has slid chillingly into winter.

Incidentally, I was listening to the radio on Wednesday evening – inane twaddle live from Zurich in the corridors of a hotel from where the decision to hold the 2018 Football World Cup was to be made – and one of the presenters mentioned the following phrase or tongue twister.

He attributed it to a stage act – The Chuckle Brothers (no I can not offer you more information as this room from where I write, in the mountains surrounded by snow, has no internet service) – and advised that it should be spoken out loud, over and over, faster and faster, preferably without reading but by memory.

One smart fellow, he felt smart.
Two smart fellows, they felt smart.
Three smart fellows, they all felt smart.

I expect you were hoping for something more sophisticated than this.

Sorry, but if truth be told I am experimenting and If you asked me to explain the purpose of bitsnbobs I would be hard pushed.

It has photos, mostly mine, mostly one a day and mostly vaguely connected to what I am writing about, though the vaguely part can be very vague – November was an unspoken attempt to only have autumn leaf images.

Unspoken – as I knew I would fail, or bore, or both.

Elsewhere I would like to think of this blog as something that is “organic” and difficult to compartmentalise.

I would like it to be a sculpture.


For example, this February past, I tried to introduce space – achieved, or not, by limiting myself to one word only, then two, then three etc etc for the month.

I liked it, but I don’t know about anyone else.

(That’s a question).

Em, excuse me, but if that's a question why isn't there a question mark?

You! Go away, you have no right to be here until 2011 when you will get a Sunday post all to yourself!

A series?

Yes, now go away!

Will it have a special title – like those supplements that you tried to, er, sculpture?


Touchy today, aren’t you?

Yes I was ill last night and I’m trying to write myself better, something I also try to do on bitsnbobs.

Write yourself better? Or write, yourself, better?

Today the first, always the second, sometimes both.

Anyway….. Advent – part of an attempt to create another space in the sculpture – a sort ofblablablablablablablabla (space) blablablablablabla.

With a candle in the space.

Today’s candle took me a lot of time to find, as before I did, it was just a black and white memory from youth and television that I had filed away under “sword fight and candle and Ha Ha Ha”.

I’m happy that I found it and that it sees the light of day.

The light of day is now strong through the window to this room, reflected off the snow on the side of the mountain outside this house. The night, so bad, is finished- filed under “to be forgotten” and it’s time to rise, walk through the virgin snow and lie in hot spring high.

Healing with feeling.

(sorry about the death at the end, i tried to edit in I-movie to just have the candles but i was technically defeated - please note that we do not support violence . the editor)


Anonymous said...

Here I am posting - feeling so happy that I actually talked to you this morning too. I have to update my adobe to watch and it is too late now - your alright do the Sunday thing. I understand about space and sculpture - it happens in lyrics and Jazz too and probably in anything artistic when I think ont... infact the gift of the second advent for me is that I love minuses - in the creation of something bigger and the future is bright if not entirely orange. Flight details by email xxxx

popps said...

Yo, as you will read next week it should be PURPLE but ORANGE is good too!
Can't wait - but will (space between).

Mary said...

Hope you are feeling better.

Just finished reading the post. Good luck keeping 'him' quiet until the new year. Have to admit I like 'his' child-like exuberance.

I suspect that there is something fishy about how the next two World Cup venues were selected. Guess you have to be a big oil producing country to be eligible from now on.

Artist, writer, performer, photographer ... and now sculptor. That's a lot of talent!

Work, work and more work here.

And freaking COLD!


popps said...

Freaking cold?
You live in Canada Mary - it's meant to be Freaking Cold.
It was 16 degrees here today.

Mary said...

Is that good or bad? Fahrenheit or Celsius?

After 54 years, I still can't get used to the cold. Retirement -- please!


popps said...

ONLY 54!!

Mary said...


16 degrees Fahrenheit with the wind chill factored in.


Parka. Boots. Hat. Gloves. Scarf.

Ice Scraper.

You can see your own breath and feel every nosehair.


almost 55!

popps said...

18 degree celcius today!
I can only feel smuggly sorry for you -))
remind me, when?