Sunday 28 November 2010

The First Sunday of Advent

Did you miss me then? (biographical note -here)

I did – even though it reminds me of that old joke about the Rabbi and the Wailing Wall.

What joke?

You don’t know the joke about the Rabbi and the Wailing Wall?

No, I don’t know the joke about… are you deaf?


I said are you….. that was another joke wasn’t it!!?

It was!

He he he.

So there was this University Professor

I thought you said it was about a Rabbi.

It is.

It is?

It is… the University Professor was visiting Jerusalem and he was staying in a hotel that overlooked the Wailing Wall, and every day he watched this old Rabbi approach the Wailing Wall and devoutly does whatever it is you devoutly do by the Wailing Wall?

Don’t you know?



Ah, so everyday he watched this old Rabbi etc etc etc and he was very impressed by the love and devotion that he showed.
So one day he went down from the hotel and met the Rabbi as he was returning and stopped him. “Excuse me “, he asked, “I’ve observed you every day by the Wall and I’m moved by your commitment. What is the experience like for you?”

The Rabbi looked at him and replied, “It’s like talking to a brick wall.”

You mean I’m your brick wall?

Not exactly, but sometimes….

Thanks a lot, did anyone else miss me?

Well, Mary said something positive.

I like Mary.

You do?

I do!




E N I G matically!

Whatever. So, we are bringing you back.

Like this?



Almost, we’re going to start in the New Year.

That’s ages!

No, it isn’t, it’s December next week




Time to do something special!


Well, different.

In what way?

Well, two years ago I decided to try and do a Bitsnbobs advent calendar – every post had to feature a “door” – it was marginally successful (accessible through this link).

Last year?

I tried again, making every post a short film featuring a door.


A bit better I think.

So, what’s the plan this year?

Well that’s the problem - I’m struggling to find an idea. I had thought of a series of still photos of different doors with an interview with the person who lives behind, but I chickened out last week.

Chickened out?

Yes I was taking a first photo – number 12 in the series it would have been – when the owner lent out of an upstairs window to see what was going on, and though my prepared line “hello, I’m taking photos for an art project, could I ask you a few questions” flashed to my lips, I swallowed it and left.


A bit.


So now the idea is radical.


Yes, radical -you know how I set up The Digestive as a way to deal with days (Sundays) of no comment?

I do.

Well I had another idea at the time and December might just be the time to try.



Spill the beans.

Ah – how about if I ONLY post on Sundays?


You heard me.

Isn’t that against the founding principles of this blog, you know try and publish something, anything EVERY day.

Sort of – but you know what the Buddhists say?

Num yo ho rengay kho?

No, no – not that. They say sometimes you have to break your resolutions in able to reinforce them.

They do?

They do ……. I think.

Wow. Radical.

And there’s more – December/ Christmas/Something Different/ Advent Calendar? – I can give it a theme.

You can?

I can.


The four Sundays of Advent.


You know Advent - from the Latin word adventus meaning "coming" - it is a season observed in many Western Christian churches, a time of expectant waiting and preparation.

Expectant Waiting and Preparation!



And a candle!

A candle?

Yes, a candle – it’s a tradition somewhere, sometime, to light a candle on each of the Sundays.

So that’s what you are going to do?

Yep. No more posts for a bit – EXCEPT on the four Sunday’s of Advent.

And a candle?

And a candle!

And what about the preparation?

I’m going to prepare something!


The End of The Year quiz!!! (With big prize) – I’ll publish it right after the fourth candle.


Thank you, if you do say so myself.

When’s the official first Sunday of Advent then?



Mary said...

Will miss the daily posts but perhaps it will be good to make a change and enjoy the holiday season. I have more time during the week to read than the weekend which explains why comments are rarer from me on Sat/Sun.

I'm complimented that 'he' likes me even if it is in an enigmatic way. [Can't say I haven't heard this before ...] It reminds of the great Woody Allen film, Purple Rose of Cairo, where Cecilia tells her sister that she has "just met a wonderful man" [she is referring to the character, Tom Baxter, who has jumped off the screen to meet her -- the woman sitting in the audience who watches the film everyday] -- she remarks "he's fictional, of course, but you can't have everything." [Not unlike most of my successful relationships]

Can't wait til next Sunday -- must prepare myself.


Anne said...

Candle yes, but Elton John? What's with the bills, Italy and all? Have a good break-during-the-week.

popps said...

Anne, i know i know, but, in my defence, i chose a 1977 version before he sold out, horribly re-wrote it and it was still, as it was originally, a very beautiful song.
And i'm struggling for my four candles!

popps said...

Mary, that was a great film wasn't it, must watch it again it has been so long.
By the way enigmatic is good and there was no (real) complaint about comments.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tops

Gone back over the blog comments and my comment aren't getting through wrote lots re Krissi missing the plane and when the strikes started nothing final try then bac to texting. Love you and love the blog and the snow and the family and christmas and have just hung 4 hugh blue curtains xxxx

popps said...

That one got through!!
Blue curtains!!! Right, i'm on my way!

Mary said...

Went to see Ian Shaw last night -- he was fantastic -- very funny between all of the love, disappointment and hope. Think you would have enjoyed it. He sang a Tom Waits song that I love -- "Take it with me". Here's link to You Tube --


Mary said...

Just one more by Tom Waits -- he is such a genius. Link here to "Take me home":


popps said...

Mary, the Sherlock ends up having a "Rights Issue" in "my area" and won't let me watch it, now i'm off to have a look at Ian;
Shame i couldn't come, i was free last night.

Mary said...

Too bad you can't watch it online. I know that the 3 episode series can be purchased on DVD through BBC and PBS. I've thought about getting a copy for my library.

I just realized that the people behind the Dr. Who series are behind this one. It has the same cleverness.

Wish you could have come to the Ian Shaw performance. The tickets I won were just a few feet from the stage. The concert took place in a converted 19th century mill that has been restored to house a tudor style great hall -- vaulted, exposed beam ceiling with great acoustics. Toronto's jazz elite [not me] were there in full force. This is one of the few benefits of living in a major city -- lots going on all of the time.

Forgot to tell you -- last Friday night I went to see a debate on religion between former British PM Tony Blair [recently converted Catholic) and (in)famous atheist Christopher Hitchens. It was quite good and they were worthy opponents. The debate was sold out - 2,700 in attendance -- with the BBC slated to re-broadcast it to 240,000 estimated world wide. Hitchens, as you may know, has been battling cancer and is now in its last stages. Having lost a good 30 lbs he is diminished in size but not at all in intellect. In the last half hour of the debate he transcended the discussion and rose to a level of poetry that was quite moving.

Weather is miserable here and poised to get worse.


Vicki said...

What? One post a week in December?

I shall miss the daily fix but OK then. Specially as I know they will be gems.

Janet Bianchini said...

Looking forward to your special post tomorrow :)

popps said...

gems, or special , they may not be!
But there will be a , sort off, minimalist clarity, for all to see!