Tuesday 21 December 2010

Run Rabbit, Run Rabbit, Run Run Run

The other day I told you that i had read a book about running, written by Haruki Murakami– you can remind yourself here.

The long and short of it - mainly long it turns out - is that the book inspired me to run further than my normal up the track through the forest and back.

I decided to go beyond.

It seems I like it out there, and over the ensuing days I built up to (for me) a record of one hour and five minutes.

Of course when I say run, I mean “run”, an old lady walking did pass me on one of the inclines, but I had fun. I managed 10 km.

I have never run for this long before, it’s weird, entering a new space; at times I felt I could just keep on and on and on, though I guess in reality I would eventually collapse.

I have no desire to run a marathon, never had never will, but I’ll run again tomorrow.

The writer spoke of the thoughts he has whilst he runs, and I considered mine.

At the start I felt good, it takes a few moments to break into a rhythm, then I started thinking of food. But this was weird, in the first couple of km I fantasized about chocolate (comfort i guess), towards the end I was craving fresh baguette with cheese and avocado (protein and carb lust).

I couldn’t decide on the cheese – Comté?

In between times I thought about the cold, the way the route went through bright sunshine and frosty shadow.

I said hello to one person I knew, two that I didn’t; they wished me “courage” – maybe that is normal in French, or maybe I looked as if I was at death’s door.

The writer spoke of his play list, he runs with an I-pod, in an i-pod maybe.

I run with open ears – sudden dog barks annoy me, I feel aggressive, birds taking off from the water I like.

I think about the sweat, and parts of me i didn't know were capable of sweating. (inside the ear)

I think about the ache in my left foot, I try to relax into it.

I ask how far, or long, one should run without drinking water as you run?

I wonder how something that can seem flat when you are walking, on a bike or driving a car becomes a mountain when you aren't.

I sing a song in my head - run rabbit, run rabbit,farmer's gun etc.

I wonder when to turn around and head back.

p.s. Don't forget - The Bitsnbobs Quiz of the Year.


Mary said...

Hi Chris:

Congrats on doing 10K! Sorry I haven't been around but the pre-Xmas end of the year flurry of activity is always overwhelming.

Here's my Xmas 2010 up-date:

On the work front: a very busy year which translated into good revenues but a lot of stress.

Ongoing: Mother-in-law still in the hospital, unable to recover from a a broken hip while she was recovering from a broken arm. She fell twice in her own home while getting out of bed. She has lost her balance but even worse she has now lost the major use of her mind. It is very sad. My husband and his sisters are looking for a nursing home for her in the new year.

Out of town visitor: My sister-in-law is visiting from Australia to help with care of her mum and to help with search for nursing home.

Weather: Still freaking cold.

Teenage Angst: My son's mood swings from deliriously happy to 'leave me alone'. I continue to breathe in and out.

Out of town visits: Took a few days to visit my parents in Niagara. Lots of snow and very grey. Their mobility is limited but all in all spent some good time talking about family history, tracing ancestry back to mid 1850's

Visiting with friends: Am doing my best to spend some time -- a drink, a movie, a coffee -- so far so good. What would I do without my friends?

Movies I have seen with my friends:

Morning Glory
Never let me go
The King's Speech
The Tourist

Hope to see Barney's Version, The Fighter and maybe Black Swan during the holidays.

Things I miss: Reading BnB's! Haven't had a chance to look at Year end quiz. I'm apprehensive that I'm up to it.

Am really looking forward to 2011. Number one priority will be my health.


PS Would love to hear year-end up-dates from fellow BnB's readers.

popps said...

A roll call of Christmas joy there Mary!
I wondered where you were, i thought maybe buried under snowdrifts.
Now that you are back DO not miss the Quiz of the Year - you are more than a match for it.
What did you think of the Tourist -rarely has a film annoyed me so much.
Minnie on the other hand loved it.

Mary said...

Repeat after me --

Chick Flick

How do I know this?

Romantic location - Venice
Romantic leading man -- Johnny Depp
Gorgeous leading lady -- Angelina Jolie
Beautiful clothes
Romantic dinners
Hero saves damsel in distress


Chick Flick.

Not an air tight plot to say the least but we'll forgive them that.

Stuff young girl's dreams are made of.

Must venture out into the deep freeze one more time. Still a couple of gifts to purchase.

Will give the quiz a go after Santa clears out.


popps said...

Ah, and i'm not a chick!
I was well annoyed that i was meant to appreciate Ms Jolie's bum so much, annoyed that they tried to be funny and weren't, annoyed that the dialogue was so lame, annoyed that they used Venice to prop up the film, annoyed that they copied ideas from Don't Look Now (back? always muddle that up) and Northwest by Northwest and annoyed that it was all about image and not substance.
God i was/am annoyed.

now be careful - ther's a 31st December deadline on that Quiz!