Monday 20 December 2010

The Quiz of the Year- 2010!

Ta Ta ta - ta ta ta ta! (fanfare)

It's time for THE QUIZ of THE YEAR 2010!!!!!!

At last!

And if it is time for the quiz of the year, then it's also time for THE BIG PRIZE!!!!

However, as THE BIG PRIZE features IN THE QUIZ of THE YEAR 2010 I can't say any more for the moment.

The good news, for all those with visual abilities, is that this year's QUIZ of THE YEAR 2010 is 100 per cent visual!

Now, last year's quiz of the year(2009) was not without controversy. The eventual winner (and recipient of last year's big prize) was very very late in answering (one week past the deadline) and it was thought, in some quarters that she should have been disqualified:-)

So to avoid such unpleasantness Bitsnbobs have decided to bring forward the QUIZ of THE YEAR 2010 to TODAY(!)and you have until December 31st (11.35pm)to submit your answers.

After that too late!(because it will be a different year).

In the event of a tie the winner will be ajudged to be the one who completed the QUIZ of THE YEAR 2010 the earliest.

To take part in THE QUIZ of THE YEAR 2010 click on this link (below).

Good luck.

Here is the link to click on (but it's no longer below) Click here to take survey

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